R.E- Hinduism

What I learnt?
In My project we had a big poster with lots of different little topics. I learnt about the History in the Religion of Hinduism and how it started. I also learnt about the different Foods that the Hindu people can eat and the different suburbs/regions rules on what foods you are able to eat. I also learnt a lot of different topics such as Clothing, Laws and Rules and Cultures.
What I could have done better next time?
I think next time I could have not just done posters I could have done something else like put the different information on a drawing of a Hindu person In different Hindu clothing or something a bit more creative than just a poster. I maybe also could have done a model of a Hindu house, different Hindu foods and tell the people what regions that that food is banned, a model of a normal Hindu lady and what clothes they wear or a normal Hindu man and what clothes they wear.

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