Description of Setting

In the writing workshop we had to desribe a setting using sences to tell the reader what the setting was. After you read this please leave a comment to what you thought this was……
I was walking through the wonderful path through the trees and i couldnt figure out what the sound was that sounded like a person who was ripping bark off a tree. I felt the very soft trees as i walked past a tree that had a little woodpecker pecking on a brown hollow tree. i saw the light at the end of the path, so i ran to it then i fell on a root off of a tree.

Medal Missery

This post is all about the australians not getting enough gold medals at the olympics. in Sydney they got 16 gold medals, in Athens they got 17 golds, in Beijing the got 14 and then in London they got 7. The olympic athletes said that they were very proud and so were the coaches. One of the coaches on the olympic committee said that Australia will be back in Rio. After the olympic althletes came back from the Montreal games with 0 Medals they thought about getting more and better facilities in schools for kids. They test lots of kids in all different exercizes like skipping and weights to see how good they are in different parts. The problem is that some schools dont have enough money for those facilities, so they want the goverment to fund money for schools that dont have enough money.

Blogging Challenge

“Over here guys, over here!” Ollie, Lachie, Josh, Callum and i have been looking for this strange creature; it is a chipmunk zombie. We were on the top of the cliff when we saw it; it was just about to jump off the edge when he saw us. He started running to us and we didn’t know what to do it was a monstrosity so we just stepped off the cliff. We were plummeting to our death but then suddenly i saw a foam pit right at the bottom of the cliff. We weren’t going to die but I had to find a safe way to land in the foam pit, I decided to belly-waker into the pit. I looked up and I saw the chipmunk zombie jumping of the cliff. He was coming after us very fast because he is so heavy he is going fast. We started running but then, Lachie fell over a root in the tree we got a bandaid out of my backpack and ran again. I hid behind the tree waiting for it to come it ran past and I put out my arm and it close lined him. We quickly ran home and had a cold Milo.

BTN – Trading Rhino Horns

I think that this BTN clip was about Rhino horns being cut off for medicine. Sometimes they have to kill them to get the horns but some just put them to sleep and cut their horn off with a saw. They have a lot of rhino horns in the one place and lots in other places. They use the rhino horns to make medicine. South Africa are trying to find out a way of how to make this rhino horns thing legal. There most recent idea is the one that they are most confident about. I wonder how they can get medicine in a different way and not harm the rhinos? How would you feel if you were a rhino and you grew up with a mother and father not having a horn.

….The noise was terrifying but…..Flabbergasted

My Semi Final for Long Jump was about to begin as my coach said that I was favourite to go into the Semi’s. I was excited and nervous at the same time when I line up to jump. The last time i had jumped on a big stage like this is in Beijing 2008.I Started to run, I picked up the speed at the 20 metres left mark. I jumped as far as i could and i eventionally I reached 8.97. I looked up at the big TV in the stands and it said I was the new world record holder. I was flabbagasted.