103 Word Challenge – something special to me

This is a Basketball, I love playing basketball, not just playing it but the feeling of winning a match and when you lose you just want to win the next games. I love the feeling of dribbling down the court and not stopping to finally get to the ring and put shot up. No-one likes getting thrashed every game or winning every game because basketball is a sport where you have fun and that is definitely not fun.

When I played my first game of basketball I was exhilarated to get on the court and find out if I was good at this sport or I needed work. After that game I figured out I was normal at basketball but I still needed a bit of work on some specific areas. Even if you are the best player in your league then there is always at least one thing that you need to work on. My first game I figured out that I needed to work on my shooting and my layups.

I wanted to do something about it so I joined a team that plays in Geelong called the Surf Coasters and that really helped because once I joined it there was very good coaches that have had experience with basketball by playing and coaching so they could understand what the players felt like. I am now very confident about my shooting and my layups and when I get the chance I thank my coaches because everyone forgets they are the reason that you are improving.

Everyone who is playing basketball, keep it up and the people who aren’t playing basketball, try it you find that you are perfect for it.


Colour Story

Dollhouse skatepark

Yellow is skateboard designs, skate park, scooters, BMX`s and bowls
Yellow is flowers, trees, leaves in autumn, canaries and snakes
Yellow is happy, joyful, nice, excited and playful
Yellow is slushies, lollies, confetti, cordial and popcorn
Yellow is all of those reasons that’s why its my favourite colour

Colour Story

Green bike


Green is grass, slides, poles, swings and seats

Green is broccoli, lettuce, bristle sprouts, apple and pear

Green is slushies, lollies, cupcakes, confetti and jelly

Green is nice, happy, excited, joyful and helpful

Green is the colour that everyone wants, that is why it’s my favourite colour

5 Card Flickr

Five Card Story: The chase

a Five Card Flickr story created by G4BE H

flickr photo by kellyoyo

flickr photo by cogdogblog

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by Intrepidteacher

I was running as fast as I could, as the hot wind was rushing against my face. They were catching up to me as i reached a dead end i tried to climb up but there was no point of trying. They were right there they stopped running and said “it’s too late kid” but i new it wasn’t. I ran at them, jumped on his face and front flip over them. I kept running one was knocked out and the other one just said “OI “and just ran at me. I hid behind a car and he kept running. “That was a close call” I said.


This news report was about the Super Trawler which is a big boat that has a net attached to the back of it to catch fish it catches 250 tonnes a day and is able to hold 6200 tonnes on it. People are starting to protest against the Super Trawler because they say it is catching to many fish. I think that the Super Trawler should stop catching fish and just see that they are destroying the marine wildlife if they keep catching fish. We should stop this boat because then maybe the other boats will stop because they will see what terrible things they are doing. This video made me wonder if the people on the boat won`t stop catching fish then we will wonder if they actually care about the marine wildlife? Where are they fishing? Are there any other super trawlers in other countries? How are they getting the fish back to land? I felt sad that all that fish are getting caught every day.