BTN – Trading Rhino Horns

I think that this BTN clip was about Rhino horns being cut off for medicine. Sometimes they have to kill them to get the horns but some just put them to sleep and cut their horn off with a saw. They have a lot of rhino horns in the one place and lots in other places. They use the rhino horns to make medicine. South Africa are trying to find out a way of how to make this rhino horns thing legal. There most recent idea is the one that they are most confident about. I wonder how they can get medicine in a different way and not harm the rhinos? How would you feel if you were a rhino and you grew up with a mother and father not having a horn.

….The noise was terrifying but…..Flabbergasted

My Semi Final for Long Jump was about to begin as my coach said that I was favourite to go into the Semi’s. I was excited and nervous at the same time when I line up to jump. The last time i had jumped on a big stage like this is in Beijing 2008.I Started to run, I picked up the speed at the 20 metres left mark. I jumped as far as i could and i eventionally I reached 8.97. I looked up at the big TV in the stands and it said I was the new world record holder. I was flabbagasted.

Patrick Mills

Patrick Mills is a basketball player; he plays for the Boomers (Australian basketball team). Patty debuted in 2007 and had a cracker of a year. Patrick Mills has a great personality in and out of the club. The Boomers played Brazil in their first game and lost by 2 goals (4 points), the second game the boomers played Spain and unfortunately lost by 6 Goals (12 points), but they did well because most of the players from Spain also play in the NBA in America (NBA means National Basketball Association). Patrick did really well to get goals against that strong side he got a lot of goals. I think that Patty is a great role model for kids to grow up like because just how nice he is and how he just weaves through the crowd while dribbling, it is totally amazing.

107 Word Challenge-The race was about to begin when…

The crowd was roaring as my race was about to begin when my team mate ran up beside me ready to run the 100 metre sprint and told me that he was racing as well. We readied at the starting line as the race official shouted ready, set, GO! The crowd roared as we ran off the mark. It was a dead draw at the 20m mark we were getting closer. I looked left, and then right I was gaining speed. As we got to the 60m mark I started to gain more and more speed. Before I knew it I was on the middle podium.

Mrs Rayson`s 112 word challenge

Glitter Text @

It was the wildest day I have ever seen, it was terrifying and no-one was outside. The wild winds of south east Australia were haunting the points of Torquay again. During the night it was as freezing as anything. The morning was much better I was smiling that everything had gone back to normal, the sun was beaming through the window and the waves were soundless. The house felt like it was on an angle though, “Help me” my sister cried, “The place is going to tip. I quickly ran into the room and told her that the police will find out and soon we will be in the newspaper. ”I`m scared”