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Mind, Body and Soul

For the last 14 weeks the 5/6s at my school have been doing rotations on Mind, Body and Soul as our Big Idea topic. My favourite activity was lava of fury in body were you had hola hoops and lots of people and tried to get to the other sid eo our basketball court and couldnt touch outside of the hola hoops, Senses City was my favourite in body and music was my favourite in soul.

For the rest of the term i will use my intrest of Footy to link in with our topic of Mind, Body and Soul and complete 2 tasks that i have negotiated with a 5/6 teacher.

Negotiated task 1:
My negotiated task will include interviewing a coach on what makes a good footy player and make a video oon footy skills linked to the answeres of the coacches answers.

Negotiated task 2:
i am going to produce a powerpoint on how football (AFL) has improved and changed over the years.

To get these tasks completed i need to:
I will go to as much afl games as i can to collect records and find out new information by using those records. i do have a pile of records at home because my uncle woks for tab sportsbet and i get all the records from all the rounds.

In the past weeks I have done a poster on pictures and facts of Football history, a graph on all the premierships in footy history and a story about a guy that had played Rugby and then changed to footy and thought he would be the best in footy because he was the best in rugby.

I have finished my project and have gone to the exhibition. An exbition is were you show all the parents what you have done in a term. These paragraphs are the paragraphs that tell you all about how my peer, self and teacher assesment went and all of the other stuff.

What are you most proud of?
I am most proud of my story “What is Wrong”. My story is related to Mind, Body and Soul because he is training, and soul because he is training, and he loves footy and ugby and he has to get mentally fit and healthy.

What did you find most challenging throughout?
The most thing i had trouble with was Time Management because some of my work i had to do at home, and next time i have to sit by myself nad get down to work or i wil end up with a project like that, and i can tell you one thing i dont want to do that.

On your Negotiated Task proposal sheet, read over the challenge. Did you achieve this?
I did achieve the goal i set to myself and finished everything but not quit got all of it on the table at the and i did connect my task to the negotiated task.

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