Home and Away

Home and Away is a great book. It shows you how everything changed from the little boy ( called Toby ) wanting chicken nuggets for breakfast and putting the blender in the fish tank to make a tornado. To everyone in the town having to put their hands up and hope that they can catch the food the soldiers are throwing out. It is a great book by John Marsden, who also wrote ” Tommorow when the war began!!!

4 Items to put in the Paper bag book report.
1) Canned Fruit- Because a soldier gave Claire ( the older sister ) a can of fruit one day.
2) Medication- Because Claire and Toby had to be given medication when they got to Hollania
3) A little kids drawing- Because in the book it had a little kids drawings as illustrations. The drawings started off innocent and happy and progressed to dark and gloomy.
4) A ripped note- Because in the book when the author was running out of paper he used ripped notes. The ripped notes gives the reader the sense of disorganisation and desperation.

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