Jeannie Baker

Jeannie Baker is an artist, author and film maker. She was born in Croydon, England on November 2, 1950. She was the eldet of six in her family. She went to college at Brighton Polytechnic art college. In 1975 she emigrated to Australia and became a childrens writer. Her books were winning. Her most notable book was “ Where the forest meets the sea “. Her Main genre of writing childrens storys is childrens literature. She does alot of Australian wild life books. I like Jeannie Baker because she does alot of colourful and inspiring books about nature. I also like Jeannie Baker because of her originality in books.


Mirror (2010)

Belonging (2004)

Home (2004)

The Hidden Forest (2000)

The Story of Rosy Dock (1995)

Window (1991)

Where the forest meets the tree (1988)

 Home in the sky (1984)

One Hungry spider (1982)

Millicent (1980)

Grandmother (1978)

Grandfather (1977)

Polar (1975)

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