Student Blogging Challege

Patty Mills

Why did you choose basketball instead of Football?
Michael Jordan
Who was your greatest competitor?
Trent Cotchin
What made you start playing footy?
Lebron James
If you weren’t a basketball player what sportsmen would you be?
Michael Clarke
What is the secret to making so many runs?
Jack Dyer
Why did you choose to play in the midfield instead of the forward line?
Kelly Slater
What is the key to balancing on a surfboard?
Usain Bolt
Were you a champion runner when you were young?
Kobe Bryant
What was your favourite NBA basketball club growing up?
Michael Jackson
Who is your favourite singer?

student blogging challenge

2 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challege

  1. G’day Gabriel,
    You are definitely interested in sport, but from your questions, you like a wide variety of them. Which is your favourite sport?

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