This news report was about the Super Trawler which is a big boat that has a net attached to the back of it to catch fish it catches 250 tonnes a day and is able to hold 6200 tonnes on it. People are starting to protest against the Super Trawler because they say it is catching to many fish. I think that the Super Trawler should stop catching fish and just see that they are destroying the marine wildlife if they keep catching fish. We should stop this boat because then maybe the other boats will stop because they will see what terrible things they are doing. This video made me wonder if the people on the boat won`t stop catching fish then we will wonder if they actually care about the marine wildlife? Where are they fishing? Are there any other super trawlers in other countries? How are they getting the fish back to land? I felt sad that all that fish are getting caught every day.

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  1. Yeah – I hear you mate. The Super trawler is actually from Europe so it has been pretty busy plucking fish from the Atlantic Ocean for a while now. Fishing can and should be sustainable but greed and poor government control get shte better of fishermen sometimes and companies sometimes do the wrong thing.
    Nice blog Gabe,

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