Information Report- Spiders

This Information report is going to be about Spiders. I am investigating their Spitting Distance, Webs, Where some Spiders live and all different types of Spiders
There are all different types of webs that spiders can weave such as The Scaffold web, The Triangle web, The Lace Sheet web, The Hammock web and lots more. The scaffold web has stretched trap lines with sticky ends attached to the ground. The Lace-Sheet web is a trap spun by a lace web weaver is made of fine woolly silk.
7 Legs???
In a last ditch attempt to escape a predator that had it by its eighth leg, one spider shed its leg and ran away. Many spiders will cut off their own legs in response to danger. There is no limit on how much legs a spider must have, as long as they can manage to eat. The legs are often completely regrown if the spider has more molts to go through.
Spitting Distance
Spitting Spiders can’t actually catch a fly, so they deliver its paralysing venom from a distance, when they get within a body length of its victim they shoot streams at its victim, it shoots streams of sticky venom from its venom glands all over the fly, which roots the fly to the spot.
Living under ground
Living under ground can have big advantages, except when it rains and the burrow floods. But Trap Door spiders build a flood barrier of twigs around the entrance to keep the rain from ruining its silk lined home. If a predator such as a giant centipede barges in, the Trap Door spider retreats into a secret chamber in the side wall and pulls the door shut. When it is clear that no one is home then the centipede gets bored and leaves.
Wandering Spider
The Brazilian Wandering spider is one of the most dangerous spiders in the world. It is big and aggressive with fast acting venom that can kill in 15 minutes. Luckily it’s not common in heavily populated cities.

Home and Away

Home and Away is a great book. It shows you how everything changed from the little boy ( called Toby ) wanting chicken nuggets for breakfast and putting the blender in the fish tank to make a tornado. To everyone in the town having to put their hands up and hope that they can catch the food the soldiers are throwing out. It is a great book by John Marsden, who also wrote ” Tommorow when the war began!!!

4 Items to put in the Paper bag book report.
1) Canned Fruit- Because a soldier gave Claire ( the older sister ) a can of fruit one day.
2) Medication- Because Claire and Toby had to be given medication when they got to Hollania
3) A little kids drawing- Because in the book it had a little kids drawings as illustrations. The drawings started off innocent and happy and progressed to dark and gloomy.
4) A ripped note- Because in the book when the author was running out of paper he used ripped notes. The ripped notes gives the reader the sense of disorganisation and desperation.

Our Show Me

Over the last week or so Gabe and I have been involved in a workshop run by Mr hindson (our maths teacher) this workshop was to make us stonger in equivalent fractions. In this workshop Gabe and I learn’t a heap so we dicided to make a show me about what we have learn’t.


Start Stop Poems

On My Bike

On my Bike

I like going to the skate park

I can do lots of tricks

My brain gets full of tricks

Mountain Biking and BMXing

I feel relaxed

My eyes look for something to jump

On my Bike


The most Important thing about

The most important thing about an I-Pad

Is that you can listen to music on them

It is a bigger version of an I-Pad

And it is easy to carry around

It has games on it

And most houses have one

But the most important thing about an I-pad is that you can listen to music on them

The most important thing about a Book

Is that you can find information on them

It is read on I-Pads

And there is a book called a Dictionary

It helps you learn

And people like reading it

But the most important thing about I-Pads is that you can find information on them

The most important thing about a House

Is that you live in them

It keeps you warm

And nearly everyone has one

It helps you live

And you put appliances in them

But the most important about a House is that you live in them

Jeannie Baker

Jeannie Baker is an artist, author and film maker. She was born in Croydon, England on November 2, 1950. She was the eldet of six in her family. She went to college at Brighton Polytechnic art college. In 1975 she emigrated to Australia and became a childrens writer. Her books were winning. Her most notable book was “ Where the forest meets the sea “. Her Main genre of writing childrens storys is childrens literature. She does alot of Australian wild life books. I like Jeannie Baker because she does alot of colourful and inspiring books about nature. I also like Jeannie Baker because of her originality in books.


Mirror (2010)

Belonging (2004)

Home (2004)

The Hidden Forest (2000)

The Story of Rosy Dock (1995)

Window (1991)

Where the forest meets the tree (1988)

 Home in the sky (1984)

One Hungry spider (1982)

Millicent (1980)

Grandmother (1978)

Grandfather (1977)

Polar (1975)

“the car stopped suddenly”

The car stopped suddenly. I was going to run but I didn’t, there was something weird about the guy in the car. I walked over to the brown convertible with the guy wearing black inside. The window went down, and then I say “who are you?” he doesn’t answer so I just keep on walking. He was following me the whole way home. When I got home he was in my lounge room, I sprinted aggressively up to my room. He knocked on the door and told me it was ok. He was my brother, playing a prank on me.

Favourite 3 course meal

My family has 4 people in it 2 kids 2 adults.


Glass of water and little pastry pieces of spaghetti carbonara ($3.40)


Spaghetti carbonara ($18.50)


Tall cup of jelly with snakes out of the top ($5.00)

The total of this 3 course meal is $27.30 and if I had $100 I would have $76.30 left over.

Student Blogging Challege

Patty Mills

Why did you choose basketball instead of Football?
Michael Jordan
Who was your greatest competitor?
Trent Cotchin
What made you start playing footy?
Lebron James
If you weren’t a basketball player what sportsmen would you be?
Michael Clarke
What is the secret to making so many runs?
Jack Dyer
Why did you choose to play in the midfield instead of the forward line?
Kelly Slater
What is the key to balancing on a surfboard?
Usain Bolt
Were you a champion runner when you were young?
Kobe Bryant
What was your favourite NBA basketball club growing up?
Michael Jackson
Who is your favourite singer?

student blogging challenge